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Friday, November 5, 2010

Safety: lesson 1

I recently asked some of my favorite "makers" for some advice on safety.  Most were either off on their way to some far away event of at the E.R. getting stitches, but of the remaining I got these bits of wisdom.  Obviously this does no represent all you need to know and stay safe but here goes for what it's worth.

From one Daniel Holzman-Tweed we get:
1: make sure you have proper ventilation
2: think things through to their conclusion

From Gypsy we get:
1:Keep acetate or other glue remover VERY close by
2: Never underestimate the power of a good corset

From myself, Jocelyn S. AKA Miss Anne Thrope a few obvious ones I learned the hard way:
1: Hot things are hot, whatch yourself around hot glue, soldering iron and recently sawed metal
2: Wear safety glasses when you cut anything.  And your regular glasses don't qualify
3: Under no circumstances do you put your crafting little fingers in your mouth, for example to sooth a burn because darn it, you probably have some nasty chemicals on them!
4.  Super Glue MELTS non-natural fabrics.  Melts, as in hot.  As in burns so don't ever superglue anything that you are wearing and wear appropriate gloves if purposely using this property as a crafting technique.

So that's lesson 1.  More to come on safety and also crafting clues.

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