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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Don't Make this Mistake: Edition 2

When making prop weapons Don't Make this Mistake
(in my humble opinion)

-Don't buy glue, paint or any version thereof without reading what materials they are meant for working with.

-Don't forget to read the directions of all products or you may get a nasty suprise.  Different versions of the same type of glues, for example, require being held steadily in place for a varying amount of time.  Be prepared with clamps if needed!  Some glues tell you to use a SMALL amount for a reason-Don't Ignore The Instructions

-Don't forget basic safety or you had better have your health insurance card ready.  Some mistakes can be painful, some actually wounding, and some even deadly.  Don't fuck around with safety.

-Don't paint before gluing.  If you glue two painted surfaces together you are gluing paint to paint, not object to object.... glue has a stronger bond to the paint then the paint does to the object so everything will fall apart, usually at the most inconvenient moment.

-Don't cover the orange thingy at the tip of the gun if you plan to use a modified toy gun in public.  It's illegal and rumor has it you can get shot by a cop.

-Don't forget you'll be carrying this prop around with you.  Think about a holster, case, strap, or some other way to keep your prop weapon with you and still have your hands free if that's important.  Keep weight in mind if you'll have to have this item with you for a certain period of time.

-Don't make it dangerous -duh-  make sure there are no sharp edges or pointy points.  These are PRETEND weapons, no one wants to get stabbed by your ray gun

-Don't get upset if things don't work the way you pictured.  A mistake can lead to the most creatively rendered parts of your prop.

stay safe and HAVE FUN!!!

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