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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Don't Be Surprised When... edition 1

When wandering the earth dressed in Steampunk Don't Be Suprised when:

-people in public tell you they "love your outfit" but you suspect they are really wondering what the hell you are dressed up like that for.  Most common at the gas station.

-the "normals" ask to take your picture... but get weirded out when you want to take theirs back.

-you feel faint because you're in a corset and haven't taken care of water and nutrition for the day; been there, done that, felt like both a "real Victorian lady" and an "asshole."

- you are in the same under-bust corset and you notice no one, and I mean no one, is making eye contact

- any clear space in your home suddenly starts to look like a combination of a Santa's workshop, a mad scientist's lab, and a seamstress' shop.

- any clear space outside of your home is suddenly covered with "drying parts"

- if you like men you start to really like them in military uniform, but only of wars at least 50 years ago

- if you like women you really start to think the old "school mar'm" look is extra hot.

- when gathering in groups you are asked "what are you"?  Or better yet "Are you civil war reenacters?" because everyone knows they had brass laser guns during the civil war.

- you spend a small fortune shopping for steampunk clothes, toys to modify, paint, plumbing parts, glues, and decorations when all you went to the store for was milk and socks.


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