Saturday, November 27, 2010

Don't Be Surprised When... edition 1

When wandering the earth dressed in Steampunk Don't Be Suprised when:

-people in public tell you they "love your outfit" but you suspect they are really wondering what the hell you are dressed up like that for.  Most common at the gas station.

-the "normals" ask to take your picture... but get weirded out when you want to take theirs back.

-you feel faint because you're in a corset and haven't taken care of water and nutrition for the day; been there, done that, felt like both a "real Victorian lady" and an "asshole."

- you are in the same under-bust corset and you notice no one, and I mean no one, is making eye contact

- any clear space in your home suddenly starts to look like a combination of a Santa's workshop, a mad scientist's lab, and a seamstress' shop.

- any clear space outside of your home is suddenly covered with "drying parts"

- if you like men you start to really like them in military uniform, but only of wars at least 50 years ago

- if you like women you really start to think the old "school mar'm" look is extra hot.

- when gathering in groups you are asked "what are you"?  Or better yet "Are you civil war reenacters?" because everyone knows they had brass laser guns during the civil war.

- you spend a small fortune shopping for steampunk clothes, toys to modify, paint, plumbing parts, glues, and decorations when all you went to the store for was milk and socks.


Friday, November 26, 2010

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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Don't Make this Mistake: Edition 2

When making prop weapons Don't Make this Mistake
(in my humble opinion)

-Don't buy glue, paint or any version thereof without reading what materials they are meant for working with.

-Don't forget to read the directions of all products or you may get a nasty suprise.  Different versions of the same type of glues, for example, require being held steadily in place for a varying amount of time.  Be prepared with clamps if needed!  Some glues tell you to use a SMALL amount for a reason-Don't Ignore The Instructions

-Don't forget basic safety or you had better have your health insurance card ready.  Some mistakes can be painful, some actually wounding, and some even deadly.  Don't fuck around with safety.

-Don't paint before gluing.  If you glue two painted surfaces together you are gluing paint to paint, not object to object.... glue has a stronger bond to the paint then the paint does to the object so everything will fall apart, usually at the most inconvenient moment.

-Don't cover the orange thingy at the tip of the gun if you plan to use a modified toy gun in public.  It's illegal and rumor has it you can get shot by a cop.

-Don't forget you'll be carrying this prop around with you.  Think about a holster, case, strap, or some other way to keep your prop weapon with you and still have your hands free if that's important.  Keep weight in mind if you'll have to have this item with you for a certain period of time.

-Don't make it dangerous -duh-  make sure there are no sharp edges or pointy points.  These are PRETEND weapons, no one wants to get stabbed by your ray gun

-Don't get upset if things don't work the way you pictured.  A mistake can lead to the most creatively rendered parts of your prop.

stay safe and HAVE FUN!!!

Saturday, November 6, 2010

A museum to visit..

The Charles River Museum of Industry and Innovation

Telephone: (781) 893-5410

Steampunk: Form and Function

An Exhibition of Innovation, Invention and Gadgetry

            At The Charles River Museum of Industry and Innovation’s new exhibit Steampunk, Form & Function, and an Exhibition of Innovation, Invention and Gadgetry sponsored by Steampuffinmodern
technology meets the Victorian era.

Steampunk, Form & Function is open now through May 11th, 2010.  Admission is $5 for the general public and $3 for seniors\students; admission is free for children under six.   The Museum is located at 154 Moody Street in
Waltham, MA 02453.  For more information
visit or call 617 893

I ALSO RECOMMEND THAT YOU VISIT AND SIGN INTO I'ts like facebook for steampunks!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Don't make this mistake: Edition 1

When creating a backstory and alterego, Don't Make This Mistake
(in my humble opinion)

- Don't be so specific that you can't change your mind about things; be broad so you can go back and fill in the details later.

- Don't limit yourself to the Victorian era or culture.  There's a lot more out there that I had NO idea was "ok" when I first started getting involved in Steampunk.

- Don't make your name sound like a stripper by accident (yah, I know, the irony fills the page)

- Don't bite someone else's story unless they agree you can play in their sandbox.  If your persona is going to be fit into someone else's larger story, I reccomend you still have your own charecter to slip into.

- Don't take your story or yourself too seriously or you'll lose the opportunity for a lot of fun.

-Don't set yourself up for prop or costume problems.  If you plan to cosplay don't create a back-story that requiers things you are not 100% you can either get or make.  You may want to get the items this backstory will need first.

-Don't forget details of your back-story and don't forget to play your part at a function (like I forget to do alllll the time!)

-Don't forget to decide what year you are from or what year it is for you know... what I mean is are you a time traveler and if so when are you from or are you still in year X and somehow just don't notice the futuristic things around you?

-Don't take my word on anything, try for yourself and have fun!

Safety: lesson 1

I recently asked some of my favorite "makers" for some advice on safety.  Most were either off on their way to some far away event of at the E.R. getting stitches, but of the remaining I got these bits of wisdom.  Obviously this does no represent all you need to know and stay safe but here goes for what it's worth.

From one Daniel Holzman-Tweed we get:
1: make sure you have proper ventilation
2: think things through to their conclusion

From Gypsy we get:
1:Keep acetate or other glue remover VERY close by
2: Never underestimate the power of a good corset

From myself, Jocelyn S. AKA Miss Anne Thrope a few obvious ones I learned the hard way:
1: Hot things are hot, whatch yourself around hot glue, soldering iron and recently sawed metal
2: Wear safety glasses when you cut anything.  And your regular glasses don't qualify
3: Under no circumstances do you put your crafting little fingers in your mouth, for example to sooth a burn because darn it, you probably have some nasty chemicals on them!
4.  Super Glue MELTS non-natural fabrics.  Melts, as in hot.  As in burns so don't ever superglue anything that you are wearing and wear appropriate gloves if purposely using this property as a crafting technique.

So that's lesson 1.  More to come on safety and also crafting clues.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


I had an idea to write a bit about Halloween as celebrated by the Victorians.  But DAMN am I lazy.  So here's some links!!!

Victorian Halloween

Halloween throughout the world

Edwardian Halloween in the U.S. (3rd Paragraph in U.S. Section)

You are very welcome for my 10 minutes on Google!!!

Miss Anne Thrope
A.K.A. Jocelyn Stengel-Ahern