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Friday, November 5, 2010

Don't make this mistake: Edition 1

When creating a backstory and alterego, Don't Make This Mistake
(in my humble opinion)

- Don't be so specific that you can't change your mind about things; be broad so you can go back and fill in the details later.

- Don't limit yourself to the Victorian era or culture.  There's a lot more out there that I had NO idea was "ok" when I first started getting involved in Steampunk.

- Don't make your name sound like a stripper by accident (yah, I know, the irony fills the page)

- Don't bite someone else's story unless they agree you can play in their sandbox.  If your persona is going to be fit into someone else's larger story, I reccomend you still have your own charecter to slip into.

- Don't take your story or yourself too seriously or you'll lose the opportunity for a lot of fun.

-Don't set yourself up for prop or costume problems.  If you plan to cosplay don't create a back-story that requiers things you are not 100% you can either get or make.  You may want to get the items this backstory will need first.

-Don't forget details of your back-story and don't forget to play your part at a function (like I forget to do alllll the time!)

-Don't forget to decide what year you are from or what year it is for you know... what I mean is are you a time traveler and if so when are you from or are you still in year X and somehow just don't notice the futuristic things around you?

-Don't take my word on anything, try for yourself and have fun!

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